Using external USB memory and logging sessions - Trimble NetR9

May 2014 Notice:  Discontinue use of USB Storage on Trimble NetR9’s

Due to receiver failures caused by USB drives all users should disable all logging sessions that write data to the /External directory, or physically unplug the drive from their systems.  Trimble is investigating the problem; further information will be posted here as soon as possible.

Important External USB drive use notes:

How to enable a session that logs to an external USB drive:

  1. Plug in a supported USB drive (we suggest using solid state drives) into the Mini B 5-pin USB port located on the rear of the receiver using an appropriate USB female to mini USB male cable or adapter ( Connector #6 below). Make sure the cable and the drive are secure and strain on the connector is minimized.

  2. Select the "Data Logging" tab from the left hand side of the receivers web interface.

  3. Click "New Session" at the bottom of the page.
  4. When configuring the session, select "/External" from the File System drop down menu (an example 15-second session is shown below). Documentation of the other configuration settings are available in the NetR9 User Guide.

UNAVCO tested external USB drives:

Testing procedure:

Drives tested to date:

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