SuomiNet - Central Washington University Site SC00

Central Washington University SC00
Manastash Ridge Observatory (sc00) site is located east of Ellensburg, Washington on Manastash Ridge. This site was the first geodetic quality SuomiNet site. A microwave communications link between the Observatory and CWU provides real-time data flow.

GPS station SC00 looking East. Note antenna mast for microwave link to the right of the GPS Antenna. The MET pack is at the far right of the photo.

GPS station looking North.

GPS station looking West.

GPS station looking North. The UW observatory is in the background. MET sensor can Be seen directly behind the GPS antenna.

MET sensor

Trimble antenna

Computer and receiver set up just inside the observatory door.

Inside the observatory showing the antenna cable sits in the cable tray running around the inside of the observatory.

Area where the MET and antenna cables enter the observatory.

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