Trimble NetRS - How to connect to the NetRS receiver using DHCP

How to connect to the NetRS receiver using DHCP

The easiest way to configure a NetRS is through the receiver’s web interface. You can aquire an IP address using DHCP or assign an IP address via its serial port. To assign an IP address using the serial port, which is often easier, see UNAVCO’s "Basic Use of the Trimble NetRS." To connect via DHCP, read on.

NetRS receivers from the UNAVCO equipment pool are preconfigured with an IP address of unless the project contact requests otherwise. The receiver factory default, however, is to acquire its IP address automatically via DHCP. If you cannot connect the receiver to a network that is DHCP-enabled, you can use the following windows program:

Use the following configuration file:
NODETYPE=8 ; Hybrid

To connect to the receiver:

In the case that you need to make a crossover cable from a straight cable, check out:

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