UNAVCO Geospatial & TLS Software

UNAVCO uses and maintains licenses (where appropriate) for the following geospatial and lidar software packages. Follow the links below to learn more about the software and to get details on accessing UNAVCO licenses (as applicable). UNAVCO maintained software license may be available to UNAVCO community members and supported PIs and graduate students - email support@unavco.org for inquiries.

UNAVCO Licensed Software:

Most of these packages require a Windows OS. Many UNAVCO staff use virtual machines such as Parallels or Virtual Box to allow them to run TLS software on their Mac.

You may request information on obtaining a liscence for any of these programs by sending an email to support@unavco.org.

Beginner level resources (how-to’s written by our staff as well as links to tutorials, manuals & video demos) are available for each of these software packages on the User Resources Page.

Free/Open Source Software:

For a more comprehensive list of geospatial and lidar software being used by the Earth science community, please visit the OpenTopography Tool Registry.

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