Trimble 4700/5700/R7 - RTK Cheatsheet

Trimble 4700/5700/R7 - RTK Cheatsheet

The following are suggested settings for most UNAVCO-supported RTK surveys. For a detailed how-to on RTK surveys, see Trimble 4700/5700/R7 - How to execute a real-time kinematic (RTK) survey from start to finish (

Things to know before and during the survey:

Base GPS antenna type: _____________ (usually Zephyr Geodetic)

Rover GPS antenna type: _____________ (usually Zephyr or Zephyr Geodetic)

Base GPS antenna height measurement method: _____________ (usually "Bottom (or Top) of notch" or "Bottom of antenna mount")

Rover GPS antenna height measurement method: _____________ (usally "Bottom of antenna mount")

Base station coordinates: _____________ N/S latitude, _____________ E/W longitude, _____________ height (meters)

In the job:

Coordinate system: Yes choose one, e.g. the appropriate UTM zone: [link]. Datum: WGS 1984, Use geoid model: No, Use datum grid: No, Project height [enter approximate average survey elevation], Coordinates: Grid.

In the survey style:

Select "RTK" if you don’t need raw data or "RTK & infill" if you do.

Rover options

Rover radio

Base options

Base radio

Topo point

On the base radio, if a Trimble TRIMTALK III

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