How to execute some common file conversions

How to execute some common file conversions

To uncompress a *d file (Hatanaka compressed) into a *o file (RINEX observation file):

Use crx2rnx (see the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute’s RNXCMP http site; crx2rnx is part of the freely available RNXCMP package).

To convert a Trimble *.t00/t01/t02 GPS data file to Trimble *.dat/.tgd format:

Use either the Trimble Data Transfer Utility program or the Trimble runpkr00 program in the R-utilities package. Once the Data Transfer Utility is installed, if using Trimble Data Transfer:

Note that you can convert files in batches by selecting multiple files before right-clicking.

To convert a *.dat/.tgd file (Trimble format) to a *o file (RINEX observation file), with an accompanying *n file (RINEX nav file):

Use teqc.

Note on file names:

File naming convention is generally [4charID][dayofyear][session].[yr]o, e.g. TEST0320.07o, where TEST is the site name, 032 is the day of year (February 1), 0 is the session number (a second file collected at the same site that day would be 1, a third would be 2, and so on), and 07 is the year. Trimble NetRS files do not follow this convention.


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