PC/104 - VGA Monitor Specifications

PC/105 VGA Monitor Specifications

VGA Monitor card is shown next to a floppy disk for size comparison.

Electrical Specifications


Bus Interface PC/104 8-bit or 16-bit Bus
VCC +5V +/-5% at 300mA w/CRT and 512KB video RAM
VCC1 +12V +/-5% FPA Modules only
VCC2 -12V +/-5% FPA Modules only



Dimensions 3.6" * 3.8" * 0.6"
PC-Board FR4 Epoxy Glass with 4 signal layers and 2 power planes with screened component legend, and plated through holes
Jumpers 0.025" square posts on 0.10" centers
CRT Interface 10 Pin RN type IDH-10-LP
Panel Interface 50 Pin RN type IDH-50-LP
PC Video Input 50 Pin RN type IDH-50-LP
Composite Video Input Molex 4 Pin type 22-01-1043



Operating Temperature 0 to +70 C
Non-Condensing relative Humidity 5% to 95%
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