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Trimble NetRS, NetR5, NetR8, NetR9 - Unix commands for catching binex/RT17 streams
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1.  nc 9999 | teqc -binex +rx_state     sends receiver voltage and temperature data to stdout from a binex stream    2.  nc 9999 | teqc -binex +met filename.met    ... Read More
How to download a Trimble receiver using the Trimble rfile program
Viewed 6623 times since Thu, Jul 30, 2009
How to download from a Trimble receiver using the Trimble R-Utilities programs Follow these steps to download a Trimble receiver using the command-line Trimble R-Utilities programs. If using a Linux system, this process can be automated; if using... Read More
Binex stream capturing utility
Viewed 3912 times since Wed, Apr 1, 2009
The attached GUI program will capture a binex stream from either a serial port or TCP/IP port. This data can also be logged to a file and converted to a RINEX file using teqc. Read More

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