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Accessing the NetRS/NetR8/NetR9 programmatic interface with linux curl command
Viewed 22218 times since Thu, Apr 5, 2012
For receivers that have slow connections or for writing scripts to monitor receivers state of heath and other features the use of the linux curl command can be used to accesses the receiver's built-in programmatic interfaces commands. The basic... Read More
Trimble Warranty Code Requests
Viewed 15353 times since Tue, Aug 27, 2013
Contact Trimble: warranty_options@trimble.com  to request warranty codes for your NetR9 receivers. Also cc Tom Mackie Tom_Mackie@Trimble.com when sending the request. Send them the  receiver model number and serial number. NetRS receivers no... Read More
Trimble NetR5, NetR8 and NetR9 - Critical Power-On/Off Configuration Details
Viewed 13155 times since Thu, Oct 11, 2012
NetR5, NetR8, and NetR9 hardware requires that Power On and Shutdown Voltages be properly configured to ensure proper functionality when used with DC power systems.  UNAVCO has determined, and Trimble has confirmed, that a NetR5, NetR8, or NetR9... Read More
Trimble NetRS NetR5 NetR8 NetR9 approximate file sizes and streaming bandwidth
Viewed 3632 times since Tue, Apr 24, 2012
GPS only 1Hz Binex Stream; MetPack 60sec Packet Size: ~0.31 KiB Packet Rate: ~1 HzThe T02 data files are:     ~ 471.0 kB = 1 hr  @ 1 second sampling     ~ 1.078 MB = 24hr @ 15 seconds Read More

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