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Trimble NetRS - Power Draw Tests

Trimble NetRS - Power Draw Tests

UNAVCO performed a short benchtop test series to determine the difference in power draw by a Trimble NetRS receiver when connected to three common geodetic GPS antennas.

All tests were performed at room temperature. A variable DC power supply was used to deliver a 12.0 volt input to the NetRS, with current monitored using a Fluke 73III multimeter. The receiver was allowed to dwell for 3-4 minutes after each antenna change, to ensure satellite tracking had stabilized and data logging had commenced. This test was repeated twice for each configuration. No radomes were used with either Choke Ring antenna.

Results from the test series are presented in the table below. The power draw of the NetRS without an antenna was also measured and is shown for comparison.

Antenna Model Part Number NetRS average
power draw (W)
No Antenna
Ashtec Choke Ring 701945-01 3.06
Trimble Choke Ring 29659-00 3.18
Trimble Zephyr Geodetic   41249-00 3.54

Power draw tests on a variety of other GPS and communications equipment have also been performed by UNAVCO. Results are located here.

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