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Trimble NetRS, NetR5, NetR8, NetR9 - Unix commands for catching binex/RT17 streams

1.  nc 9999 | teqc -binex +rx_state

     sends receiver voltage and temperature data to stdout from a binex stream   

2.  nc 9999 | teqc -binex +met filename.met

     catches a BINEX stream, sends observation data to stdout and prints met data to given filename

3.  nc 9999 | strings

     catches ASCII strings (including raw met data) from the binary output of a BINEX stream

4.  nc 9999 | teqc -tr s +met filename.met
     tail -f filename.met

     catches a RT17 stream, sends observation RINEX to stdout and prints met data to given filename. 
     tail command allows for viewing met data in real time.  Useful for field tests.

5.  nc 9999 | teqc -binex +eds > filename

     catches a BINEX stream, sends raw met data to stdout, prints observation data to given filename.      


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