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SuomiNet - Site Wireless Configuration

SuomiNet - Site Wireless Configuration

Note - content is provided for historical continuity and may be out of date. The UNAVCO SuomiNet pages are not actively maintained, and up-to-date SuomiNet information should be obtained from UCAR’s COSMIC program at: www.cosmic.ucar.edu/suominet.html

Configuration 3 - SuomiNet site with radio modem link for the serial connection between the GPS receiver and the computer. In this configuration, only one serial link is used.

Configuration 3 Components:

  1. Trimble Microcentered geodetic GPS antenna

  2. Grounded lightning protector

  3. Trimble 4700 GPS receiver

  4. Meteorological package sensor

  5. Meteorological package body (Vaisala only)

  6. Serial surge protector

  7. System computer

  8. Trimble power supply p/n 30413

  9. Wireless radio

  10. Backup power supply

  11. Gen power connector


  1. GPS antenna cable - N male to N male, RG-214

  2. GPS antenna cable - N male to 1-shell Lemo Coaxial P male, RG-214

  3. GPS to meteorological package cable - 0-shell Lemo male to DB9 male

  4. Serial/power cable p/n 32345 - 7 p Lemo to DB9

  5. Serial cable - DB9 male to DB9 female

  6. Power cable

  7. DB9 null modem adapter

  8. DB9 male-male adapter

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