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Deep-cycle Batteries

Sealed deep-cycle batteries should be used as a backup. These batteries are sealed and maintenance free and can be transported by air without special containers. The gelled electrolyte will not stratify, sono equalization charging is required, and they have a low stand loss. As with all batteries, ventilation is required. Care should be taken to follow all manufacturer warnings and maintenance instructions.

The depth of discharge will determine the size of the battery backupalong with the required or desired autonomy (reserve time). The Deka Solar batteries have the following number of cycles depending on the capacity withdrawn:

	 100%	  200 cycles
50% 400 cycles
30% 1300 cycles
10% 2000 cycles

It is not recommended to use automotive batteries, as these are not designed for frequent deep cycles and often require periodic maintenance. Deep cycle batteries are recommended such as marine deep-cycle batteries or Recreational Vehicle (RV) deep cycle batteries.

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Comment by lead acid battery on Wed, Aug 17th, 2011 at 8:14 AM
Automotive battery is used to start the car. Although many car owners ignored the maintenance of this battery, I just say if you want this battery for a long time use, you must maintain it on a regular basis. I think you will search much information on the internet. More information from Leoch International, http://www.leoch.com
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