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The Trimble NetRS and NetR8/NetR9 can be configured to stream correction data in various formats over tcp/ip or serial.  The transport of RTCM via tcp/ip is called NTRIP.


-Attach the NetRS to an antenna (you will not be able to verify the NetRS is streaming unless the antenna is attached).

-Open a web browser and log on to the web interface of the NetRS
-Select "I/O Congifuration" from the side menu.
-All ports that are available/configured on the receiver will be listed.
-A NetRS with factory defaults will have serial ports 1-4 listed, but not enabled.
-You will need to create and configure a new TCP port for RTCM

-Select "Create New TCP Port."
-Fill in your desired TCP port number, this can be any number of your choosing. Examples:  6000 or 7500.  Be sure to avoid choosing standard ports such as 80.
-Select "RTCM" under "Service"
-Select desired format and style options
-Click "OK"

-Back in the I/O Summary Page, the new TCP port will be listed
-Make sure the "Enable" box is checked next to the port and that RTCM is listed as the service
-Select the "Reference Station" submenu
-Where the position of the reference station is listed, select "Here."  The coordinates should then be those of the receiver's location.

-Open a command prompt
-Open up a connection to the tcp port using telnet. 

-Example: telnet 6000
-Users with Unix based systems can use nc 6000 to open the connection

-If the receiver is streaming properly, the output will appear on your terminal as random characters. 
-Keep the terminal running

-Go back to the web interface of the NetRS and on the side menu, select "Receiver Status."
-Select the "Activity" submenu.
-Under "Input/Output," you should see "Streaming RTCM to xxx.xxx.xxx.x over Tcp Port xxxx"
-Once you close your terminal, the connection will close and the streaming message will disappear


-Log on to the receiver
-From the side menu select "I/O Configuration"
-To create a new port select "Port Configuration" from the "I/O submenu"

-Select "Add TCP/IP port" from the first drop down menu (or select an existing tcp/ip port to alter)
-Select RTCM in the dropdown menu to the right
-Enter your desired port number
-In the RTCM-specific settings below: 
-Ensure that RTCM is enabled, adjust the other settings as desired and click "ok"

-Back in the port summary page, you should see your new port listed

-Under "Receiver Configuration," Select the "Reference Station" submenu.
-For the reference station coordinates, select "Here."
-Click "ok"
-Go to "Receiver Status" and select the "Activity" submenu
-You should also see "Output: TCP/IP (port #) ' RTCM"

-Verify the receiver is streaming by using telnet to open the port, as listed in the NetRS instructions above
-Go back to the "I/O Configuration" menu.  The open port should be highlighted in green.
-When you close the connection, the port listing will return to red.

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