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How to configure the Western Telematic NBB Series Boot Bar

How to configure the Western Telematic NBB Series Boot Bar


The Boot Bar is an intelligent power strip that provides a user the ability to remotely control any one of its five power outlets when the unit is accessible through the internet or a phone line. Devices that are plugged into the unit can be power-cycled from anywhere.

Communication with the boot bar is possible over the internet via a web browser or telnet application, or serial port using a terminal application such as cu or Hyperterm through a landline, cellular, or wireless (Intuicom) modem.

The power-up sequence and timing between outlets can be user-defined.

Two mode operation:

  • System mode: full access to all functions and screens, system configuration

  • User mode: access to status screens, basic control of power outlets

For security measures, the boot bar can be configured to require a password for each level of access.

The boot bar configuration is completely menu driven.

[This document was written by UNAVCO engineering staff.  See attached .pdf file for more.]

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