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Guidelines for Setting a National CORS Monument (2000)


Submitted by
Orland W. Murray
Process Action Team 20


This document serves as an illustrated guide for the construction of a monument for a National CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station). The monument consists of a massive concrete pier, a polymer Delrin antenna mount, and a polymer C-Bar reinforcement assembly (Figure 1). The materials, dimensions, and procedures for the construction of the monument conform to the recommendations of Process Action Team 20 of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

Construction involves purchasing materials, scheduling services, and assembling components. Stock materials must be purchased for the antenna mount, the C-Bar reinforcement, and an aboveground form to support the semifluid concrete. Services must be scheduled to machine certain stock materials for the antenna mount, to check for underground pipes and cables at the site, to drill the large-diameter hole for the below ground section of the pier, to deliver the concrete, and to rent a vibrator to consolidate the semifluid concrete. Modified and stock materials must be assembled for the antenna mount, the C-Bar reinforcement, and the aboveground form.

[See attached pdf. file for more.]

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