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GNSS Equipment Purchase Information




Vendor Contact:
Joe Binder
Tel. 303-791-5012
Joe_Binder SpectraPrecision.com
    NEW: Ashtech ProFlex 500 CORS


Leica Geosystems

Vendor Contact:
David Rutledge
Structural Monitoring
Engineered Solutions
Leica Geosystems
David.Rutledge leicaus.com
Tel: 209 352-8900
  gr25.jpeg   NEW: Leica GR25 GNSS Receiver
*** New pricing and warranty options. Contact vendor for more information ****
    NEW: Leica GR10 GNSS Receiver
*** New pricing and warranty options. Contact vendor for more information ****


Septentrio Satellite Navigation

Vendor Contact:
Mo Kapila
Tel. 949-300-1524

NEW:  PolaRx5 GNSS Receiver

PolaRx4 PRO GNSS Receiver

PolaRxS Scintillation GNSS Receiver
AsteRx3 GNSS Receiver
AsteRx2el Receiver


Topcon Positioning Systems

Vendor Contact:
Brandy Greer
Tel. 925-918-3225
bgreer topcon.com
  NEW: Topcon NetG5 GNSS Receiver
  Topcon Net-G3A GNSS Receiver

NOTE: The Topcon GB-1000 receiver is no longer available for purchase, but continues to be supported.

Trimble Navigation

Vendor Contact:
Tom Mackie
Tel. 401-965-8730
Tom_Mackie  trimble.com
  Trimble NetR9 GNSS Receiver

NOTE: The Trimble NetRS , NetR5 , and NetR8 receivers are no longer available, but continue to be supported.



Vendor Contact:
Tom Foley
Tel. 303-449-4330 x233
tfoley intuicom.com
  Intuicom Communicator II Wireless Transceiver
  Intuicom Navigator II Wireless Transceiver
  Intuicom EB-6+ highspeed Wireless Ethernet Bridge
Intuicom EB-3+ Wireless Ethernet Bridge
Intuicom EB-1 Wireless Ethernet Bridge

For more information contact support unavco.org .

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Comments (5)
Comment by Antonio on Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 at 10:11 PM
Tengo un ashtech Proflex 500 y necesito encontrar el Software para ponerlo a funcionar como Estacion de Referncia, cual es el programa y donde lo encuentro?. Muchas Gracias.
Comment by Anonymous on Tue, Oct 7th, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Why will nobody ever give a price guide?
Comment by David Zuliani on Mon, Oct 14th, 2013 at 5:33 PM
Hi, I’ve bought a number of GB-1000 in the past using the benefits as a UNAVCO member. Now I’d like to buy the Net-G3A but what is the UNAVCO configuration for that device. When I bought the GB-1000 I got a special configuration with all the options enabled. Is it still the same? Bye David
Comment by Frederick Blume on Thu, Dec 30th, 2010 at 11:19 PM
You must contact the manufacturers’ representatives, listed above, directly for pricing.
Comment by Louis de Montfort BAGALWA RUKEZA on Wed, Dec 29th, 2010 at 10:42 AM
Did you give the prices of Topcom Positioning Systems, Leica GRX 1200 GNSS Receiver, Intuicom Communicator II Wireless Transceiver.
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