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Coordinate transformations with GeoSysManager

The following steps show you how to use GeoSysManager to project a point cloud.

  1. Download this ZIP file and extract it.
  2. Open the GeoSysManager folder and then open GeoSysManager.exe
  3. In the program go File-->Open; navigate to the GeoSys folder and open the Default.gsf
  4. Select Tools-->File calculator and select your first .txt scan file
  5. This is where the program gets finicky, sometime it works, and sometime it seems to take a few tries. Go through the settings in order Coordinate system, format ect. Then right click on the headers over the data to set X,Y,Z.
  6. Then setup your output to the State Plane grid. Everything should look like the attached screen shot.  Note that some geoid files are also in that GeoSys folder.


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Comment by Ananda on Tue, Jan 24th, 2017 at 10:30 PM
Hi Greg, Version 2+ is much easier to use. There is an EPSG search function that enables you to easily import well-defined CRS‘ and Datum Transformations. Also, a file is now saved in the project folder itself, so if you primary GSM file is ‘disconnected‘ from the project, you won‘t lose the definitions associated with that project. Well worth looking into if you have a moment.
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