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Trimble 4000 - How to configure for kinematic surveys

Trimble 4000 Receiver Kinematic Surveys


This is an outline of the steps needed to run a kinematic survey with the Trimble 4000 SSE and SSi receivers. It is only intended as a guide - refer to the manual for more details and options.

  1. Start base station static survey using quickstart or programmed survey.

  2. Turn on roving receiver.

  3. Press LOG DATA.

  4. If in doubt, press MORE - SETUP SURVEY CONTROLS - MODIFY KINEMATIC CONTROLS to set/ACCEPT elevation mask and measurement sync time. ("Store Position:" should be set to NORMALLY for most applications, "Minimum SVs:" should be set to 4.) The sync time must be the same as (or a multiple of) the base sync time.


  6. Static initialize for 10 - 15 minutes without moving antenna. While initializing press INPUT/ CHNGS - CHANGES - ANTENNA HEIGHT/FILE NAME to enter antenna height and file name.

  7. At any time, press STATUS to see main status screen, and press LOG DATA to return to the kinematic survey screen.

  8. Press ROVE softkey prior to roving.

  9. Press STATIC softkey when antenna is static over the next observation point. If you need to change the antenna height, press INPUT/ CHNGS - CHANGES - ANTENNA HEIGHT and enter the new height. Observe a minimum of 4 epochs at each static point.

  10. Continue with ROVE/STATIC steps 8. and 9. throughout survey. Periodically stop for 10-15 minute static occupations as a safeguard to allow re-initialization during post-processing in the event of undetected initialization loss during survey. It is also a good idea to end the survey with a long static occupation.

  11. Press LOG DATA - END SURVEY - YES to end survey.

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