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Proxicast LANCell Gateway - How to configure the VPN on a LAN-Cell 2 modem (internal)

How to Configure the VPN on a LAN-Cell 2 modem (internal)

From SSH configuration interface, check to see if local access to VPN'd modem is enabled:

> 24 system maintenance
> 8 command interpreter mode
> sys view autoexec.net

Look for the line, "ipsec swSkipOverlapIp on".
If it isn't there, do "sys edit autoexec.net", "i" to insert, "ipsec swSkipOverlapIp on", Enter, "x" to save and exit.
Reboot modem so new autoexec.net file takes effect.

From VPN Config Menu:

1. Add Gateway Policy

Property: Name = [VPN Name], e.g. "testbench"
Gateway Policy Information: select "My Domain Name"
If multiple DDNS entries, select the desired domain name (e.g. "testbench.cdma.pbo-data-2.net")
Primary Remote Gateway =
Authentication Key: Pre-Shared Key = xxxxxxx (request from IT)

2. Add Network Policy

Property: Check "Active" box, enter VPN name, e.g. "testbench"
Gateway Policy Information: automatically sets to Gateway Policy Name, e.g. "testbench"
Local Network: Address Type = Subnet Address, Starting IP address = [Network Address]
Ending IP Address/Subnet Mask = [Subnet Mask]
Local Port = 0/0
Remote Network: Address Type = Subnet Address
Starting IP Address =
Ending IP Address/Subnet Mask =
Remote Port = 0/0
IPSec Proposal: change Authentication Algorithm (default is SHA1) to MD5
(section should be set to Tunnel, ESP, DES, MD5, 28800, NONE, unchecked, unchecked)

From Network>LAN Config Menu:

LAN TCP/IP: IP Address=[Router IP]
IP Subnet Mask=[Subnet Mask]
DHCP Setup: IP Pool Starting Address=[second to last IP in the IP space, or broadcast IP minus 1]
Pool Size = 1

After applying LAN changes, you will lose connection to the modem and then it should assign you a new IP.

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