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Proxicast LAN-Cell Gateway - How to perform a hard reset on a Proxicast LAN-Cell 2 cellular modem

How to perform a hard reset on a Proxicast LAN-Cell 2 cellular modem

Among units received back in Boulder on RMA, it is not uncommon that all they need is a hard reset and reconfiguration to get them up and running.

  1. Press and HOLD button on back of proxicast - it make take 20-30 seconds, be patient! During this time, the power light may slow-flash green.

  2. Eventually the power light will rapid-flash (still green) and you can release the reset button.

  3. Connect ethernet cable to LANCell-2 - sometimes the router will not give you a DHCP assignment if you aren’t plugged into it from power-up. (This may be more a problem with Windows.)

  4. Connect to the LANCell-2 webpage at, change the password, accept the certificate.

  5. Check the firmware version and update as needed.

  6. Apply the standard UNAVCO configuration for the appropriate cell carrier - check the Wireless>Cellular settings and see "config from scratch" if they aren’t correct.

  7. Maintenance: change system name. Logs: change subject line. Advanced>DNS>DDNS: change hostname.

Sometimes it helps to take the aircard out and refresh it in a laptop - in most cases it should automatically update card firmware and PRL if necessary. The relevant cell card utilities are (for Windows):

  • Cingular - "3G Watcher" - R3.0.0.9, Build 1822

  • Verizon - "VZAccess Manager" - 6.10.1 for Windows XP, 4.2.2 for Mac

  • Sprint - "Sprint Mobile Broadband (Sierra)" - 3.05.004

  • Alltel - "Quicklink Mobile" - 4.6.6 (1601f)

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