• Designed by UNAVCO for use with TLS systems.
  • Reflective disk diameter = 16.5cm
  • Overall dimensions = 22cm in diameter by 3.8cm thick
  • Weight = 0.771kg
  • Adjustable reflector with resistive pivots to maintain set position
  • Black anodized for protection and professional finish
  • 5/8-11 thread top and bottom for tripod mount and GPS antenna attachment
  • Red reflector material, 3M diamond grade, supplied at no charge for consortium members.  Request stickers by contacting repairs@unavco.org.  Red reflectors are suited for Riegl TLS systems.  Check your system requirements if other than Riegl.  

Purchase Information

    Contact Char or Vic at Precision Design and Machine at:

    6595 Odell Place
    Suite F
    Boulder, CO 80301
    PH: 303-527-3049
    FX: 303-527-2710
    E: info@pdmachineinc.com 
    They will provide quotes for cost and delivery based on quantity. 

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