Trimble 4000 - Quick Start Guide

Quickstart for the Trimble 4000 Receiver


This is an outline of the steps needed to run a quickstart survey with the Trimble 4000 SSE and SSi receivers. It is only intended as a guide - refer to the manual for more detail.

  1. Turn on receiver.

  2. Press LOG DATA.

  3. If in doubt, press MORE - SETUP SURVEY CONTROLS - MODIFY QUICKSTART CONTROLS to set/ACCEPT elevation mask, measurement sync time, and optional continuous logging mode. ("Store Position:" should be set to NORMALLY for most applications, "Minimum SVs:" should be set to 3.)

  4. Press QUICK START NOW! (SINGLE SURVEY) to start survey.

  5. Press LOG DATA - CHANGES - ANTENNA HEIGHT/FILE NAME to enter antenna height and file name.

  6. Press STATUS to return to main status screen.

  7. Press LOG DATA - END SURVEY - YES to end survey.

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