Iridium & GPS Antenna Interference Test (2008)

Iridium test

Version 1.0
Last Modified: 01-12-2008
Author: Nic Flores


UNAVCO uses Iridium communications links to download GPS data from remote stations. The communication frequency of an Iridium antenna is in the band of 1610 to 1626.5 MHz; the L1 and the L2 frequencies (used by GPS receivers) are 1575.42 MHz and 1227.60 MHz, respectively. Since the Iridium band is rather close to the GPS L1 frequency we have reason to believe that one must have an effect on the other. The elementary analysis in this report aims to study/monitor the effect of Iridium phone calls on GPS data.


See the attached .pdf file for more on the results of testing at UNAVCO finalized in 2008 to determine the effect of iridium phone calls on GPS data.

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