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TRIM4000 - How to download using TRIM4000 for DOS

TRIM4000 DOS-based Download Program for Trimble 4000 SSE and SSi Receivers


This is an outline of the steps needed to download data from Trimble 4000 SSE and SSi receivers.

NOTE: The TRIM4000 program does not work properly when running DOS through Windows. PCs that automatically boot up in Windows must be restarted in DOS (one of the Shut Down options).

  1. Turn on PC. In DOS mode, enter the directory you want to download the files to.

  2. Type TRIM4000 at the DOS prompt. (If this is not recognized, modify the autoexec.bat file to include the path to the trim4000 executable.)

  3. Select DOWNLOAD SURVEY DATA (RECEIVER) from the TRIM4000 menu.

  4. Set computer communications settings to: COM 1, 38400 BAUD, 8-ODD-1. Press F10 to accept. (If unable to continue beyond this step, verify receiver communications settings are the same as above (under the CONTROL menu on receiver).)

  5. Rename files as necessary to reflect correct starting Julian day by pressing F4. (If starting time is 23:59, use the next day’s Julian day.) Session number is always 0, unless multiple files were recorded for the same day.

  6. Select files to download with arrow keys, then press ENTER to highlight files. Verify that the files have been named correctly.

  7. Press F2 to select the destination directory.

  8. Press F10 to transfer (download) files.

  9. Press ESC 2 times to return to the DOS prompt.

Download the TRIM4000 executable for DOS.

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