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Trimble 4000 Firmware README for 7.19

Please disregard the second paragraph of this file if you are fixing problems listed on UNAVCO’s Trimble 4000 Firmware page.

4000SE/SSE/Si/SSi/RS/DS Firmware Update README19.TXT file


Version 7.19 is compatible across both the Gauss and Maxwell
Technology based 4000SE/SSE/Si/SSi/RS/DS receiver product lines.

Version 7.19 does not implement Everest Multipath Reduction and
should not be loaded onto receivers which have a current firmware
version of 7.20 or later. If your receiver currently uses
firmware version 7.20 or later, and you have a current
Support Agreement, please download the file 4000V729.EXE.

The firmware update loader program checks to verify that a
receiver has serial number authorization before proceeding
with the upload.

The file FEATURES.TXT details changes implemented with firmware
Version 7.19. We recommend that you read FEATURES.TXT to determine
the need to perform this upgrade.


This disk contains an encrypted serial number security file
LOADER.BIN, containing serial numbers entitled to use this
update. If you receive an error message indicating your serial
number is not in LOADER.BIN, please try the procedures outlined
in the section titled TROUBLESHOOTING.


1) Connect a serial port of your PC to POWER-I/O 1 on the 4000.

2) If the connection from step one above does not provide power
to the 4000, connect a battery or OSM to port PWR 2&3 on the

3) Power on the 4000.

4) The Firmware is updated into the receiver using a program that
runs from the DOS prompt, from an MS-DOS Window in Windows 3.1
or from the MS-DOS Prompt in Windows 95/98.

To access the MS-DOS Window in Windows 3.1, double-click the
MS-DOS icon.

To access the MS_DOS Prompt in Windows 95/98, press "Start",
choose "Programs" and select "MS-DOS Prompt."

Once you are at the DOS prompt, find the directory where the
4000 Series Firmware Version 7.19 files are located and run
one of the following commands:

- To update at 38400 baud using serial port 1, type: UPDATE 1
and press return on your PC.

- To update at 9600 baud using serial port 1, type: UPDATE_S 1
and press return on your PC.

- To update at 38400 baud using serial port 2, type: UPDATE 2
and press return on your PC.

- To update at 9600 baud using serial port 2, type: UPDATE_S 2
and press return on your PC.

If the update program is unable to connect to the 4000,
check the cable is connected between the desired PC serial
port and POWER-I/O 1 on the 4000. Then repeat the command
given above. See also the section titled TROUBLESHOOTING.

At 38400 baud, the update takes about 3 minutes. This is the
recommended speed. If for some reason your PC can not run
reliably at 38400 baud, try the option at 9600 baud. This
takes about 12 minutes.

5) The program will find the baud rate of the instrument, set
the baud rate to either 38400 or 9600 depending on whether
the user typed UPDATE or UPDATE_S. Extract the serial number
of the 4000, check to see if that serial number has a
current firmware support registration. Then proceed to
perform the update. During the update, the 4000 front panel

6) When complete, the program will cause the 4000 to reboot.
You can verify the firmware version number that was up
loaded by pressing STATUS, OPTIONS, MORE, MORE and noting
the version number listed under NAV VERSION on the second
line of the display.

7) If you are in Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98, type EXIT at the
prompt to return to Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98.


If the firmware update is unsuccessful, repeat the instructions
detailed in the section titled INSTALLING FIRMWARE VERSION 7.19.
If still unsuccessful try one of the following:

- From the 4000 display, using the CONTROL key and REMOTE
PROTOCOL softkey, check that protocol is set to DATA COLLECTOR

- From the 4000 display, using the CONTROL key and DEFAULT
CONTROLS softkey, initialize the receiver controls (to
disable all outputs). Repeat the INSTALLING FIRMWARE VERSION 7.19

If none of these suggestion work, please contact Trimble
Technical Support at one of the numbers listed in the


For Technical Questions Or Instructions Please Contact Your
Nearest Trimble Technical Assistance Support Center:

Within the USA and Canada (+) 1-800-767-4822
(+) 408-481-7330
Europe, Middle East, & Africa (+)44-1256-760-150
Asia Pacific (+) 64-3-339-1400
Japan (+) 81-35-476-0880

Internet Email Address
Trimble Web/FTP Site

Please have serial number information available when calling
for support.

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