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Permanent Station Enclosures - Hardigg Case

Permanent Station Enclosures - Hardigg Case

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The Mil-Spec Hardigg "Mobile Master 36" as used in ...image caption blah blah

Hardigg Case enclosure as used in the xxxx network, xxxplacexxx.

Hardigg (now owned by Pelican Products) makes rugged, well-sealed plastic enclosures which are stackable, easy to handle, and UV resistant. Connectors are recessed within the ribs of the case to reduce the risk of damage during shipping. The system shown is designed with long-term (month to years) glaciological data collection applications in mind, such as ice shelf, ice sheet, and glacier data collection. The system is also suitable for solid earth applications in remote environments.

Download set-up instructions for the system shown, courtesy of Ian Howat, Ohio State University.

Parts list for the xxx network, as shown here:

  • part one

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