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Remote33 (.tgz) is a small collection of utilities and PERL scripts that allow some basic operations of the Ashtech Reference Stations receivers. The following functionalities are implemented in remote33:

  • connecting to a remote or local receiver

  • programming the data recording sessions and other parameters

  • downloading the recorded data from the receiver external memory

  • logging the real-time output from the receiver

  • converting the downloaded data to the RINEX format

  • emailing the download report

The following utilities comprise the backbone of remote33:

  • rx/rz - Download data from the receiver via XMODEM/ZMODEM

  • convert - Convert the R, U or L Ashtech files to B,E,S files

  • teqc - Convert B,E,S Ashtech formats to RINEX

These utilities are tied together by the PERL script. This script can be customized to fit particular user needs.

For more information, see the Magellan Professional GPS software support page.

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