UNAVCO GNSS Receiver Preferred Vendor RFP Evaluation Report


Public Version: September 22, 2105
Originally submitted in confidence: May 18, 2015

Prepared by the RFP Evaluation Committee:

Dr. Frederick Blume – Project Manager, Development & Testing, GI Directorate (Chair)

Henry Berglund ­ Development & Testing Engineer (GNSS), GI Directorate

James Downing, Esq. – Manager of Contracts & Permitting, GI Directorate

Warren Gallaher ­ Development & Testing Engineer (Power Systems), GI Directorate

Dr. Doerte Mann – Field Engineer, California Region, GI Directorate

Dave Mencin – Project Manager, Real Time GNSS, GDS Directorate


The attached pdf is an edited version of the detailed technical report on the hardware evaluation conducted by UNAVCO’s Development and Testing group on the hardware provided in response to UNAVCO’s RFP for the selection of a preferred GNSS Vendor.  The selection of Septentrio was announced on July 12, 2015.

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